Happy Birthday Barbara Eden

by - August 22, 2020

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Let's take a moment to wish such a special woman, the adorable Barbara Eden a very happy birthday. She was born August 23, 1931 in Tucson, Arizona. I am not going into too much detail here, I just wanted to post a little something to celebrate:)

Eden was nominated for Miss San Fransisco 1951 (below).

Pictured here as the most well known role she starred in, the lovable Jeannie. 

A young Barbara Eden sitting by the pool.

For big fans of the show you can buy the entire series on dvd on the turner classic movie website.

That orange dress💗💗💗

I Dream of Jeannie aired from September 18, 1965 - May 26, 1970.

Looking like sunshine in her yellow bathing suit.

This is a vinyl record of Eden's 1967 album "Miss Barbara Eden". She has a really pretty voice.

Barbara is still alive today, she looks beautiful in her older years and will be admired and remembered for all eternity. 

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