Retro Glow Tanning Lotion Campaigns

by - August 31, 2020

 Well beach babes, summer is on its way out sadly along with our tans. And even worse, for us New England girls we are going to have fake it for the next couple of months. That is my inspiration for todays retro sunscreen ads. Some were to promote popular movies of that time which I find very interesting. They really did a good job glamorizing a gorgeous tan! Some companies no longer exist but some are still going strong today. Here is a small collection hope you enjoy. 

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Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) and How To Stuff A Wild Bikini -Movie titles are links to dvds.

The Art Of Love (1965) (Title is Link to movie)

Portrait in Black (1960) (Title is link)

The Horizontal Lieutenant (1962) -Movie title is link to product

Girls! Girls! Girls! 1963 (link to check out movie.)

Barbara Eden -The New Interns (1964)

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

       Coppertone seems to be king. I love the Annette Funicello and                            Sandra Dee campaigns. 

This is hands down my favorite sunless tanner. I have tried many brands since I live in a place where winter seems to last forever and I am so in Love with St. Tropez! It gives me the perfect glow without looking unnatural or streaky. Love, love, love!

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