The Vintage Revlon Make-Up Shades To Add To Your Collection Today

by - September 04, 2020

Revlon was established in 1932 with just nail polish to start, the company didn't introduce lipsticks until the 40s. Most advertising was in black and white until 1945 and then they were vibrantly colored photographs in magazines. I absolutely LOVE vintage make-up advertisements and Revlon's are beyond glamorous. Revlon's campaigns were beautiful and very luxurious but in drugstores and super markets at an affordable price for housewives shopping for their families and I can see how they worked so well with product sales. Some of these original shades are still made today and I have collected a few to share. Unfortunately these shades are scattered all over different drugstores. Some only have a shade or two. I have seen certain shades at Walmart, CVS and Target. I actually find it kind of fun to search for them but I found most on Amazon to make it easy and will add the links below.

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Raven Red 1945

Stormy Pink 1950

Love That Red 1951

Certainly Red 1951

Fire and Ice 1952

Cherries in the Snow 1953

Love That Pink 1955

Hot Coral 1956

Luminous Pink 1956

Persion Melon 1957

Blase Apricot 1962

Pink In The Afternoon

(worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's )

Let's talk make-up ! Please comment below and share with us your favorite shade or campaign. I would love to hear from you:)


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